New Regulations on Fixed-Term Employment Contracts

Fixed-Term Employment Contracts

Starting from 6 December 2023, significant changes are taking place regarding fixed-term employment contracts. As Heaney Business Group, we want to keep you informed about these important updates that will impact employers and employees alike.

Under the revised regulations, employers will no longer be permitted to hire employees on fixed-term contracts that exceed a duration of two years, including any extensions. Furthermore, it will no longer be possible to extend such contracts more than once. Additionally, if a new contract is issued for a role that is the same or substantially similar to previous contracts, and there is substantial continuity in the employment relationship between the two contracts, it will also be subject to the new limitations.

To provide greater clarity, these changes apply when the total duration of the contracts, including any extensions, reaches two years or more. Moreover, if a previous contract was extended or if there is the possibility of renewal or extension in the new contract, it will also fall under the revised restrictions.

These amendments were introduced as part of the Pay Secrecy, Job Ads, and Flexible Work amendments. For more detailed information, we encourage you to visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website. Staying informed about these changes is crucial to ensure compliance with the updated regulations. Contact Heaney Business Group to assist you in navigating any employment-related matters.

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